the compact sedan for sale in miniature versions

Unveiled a few days ago, the new Citroën C4 and its 100% electric version ë-C4 are already on sale. The chevron brand announces prices under … 40 €!

Obviously, you will understand, these are not the “real” models but their miniature reproduction, at 1 / 43rd and 1 / 64th scales. These reduced representations are logically faithful to the original vehicles. They take up the atypical silhouette, halfway between the compact sedan and the crossover, and the aesthetic characteristics, with in particular the famous double-decker look, the chrome chevrons stretched over the entire width of the vehicle or even the Airbumps.

At the 1 / 43rd scale, the C4 and ë-C4 are offered in two body colors, “Iceland Blue” and “Caramel Brown”, while at the 1 / 64th scale, only the C4 is available in 4 colors: “Iceland Blue”, “Elixir Red”, “Ice White” and “Caramel Brown”.

The new C4 on promotion until July 14

Available on l’e-boutique Citroën Lifestyle, 1/43 scale miniatures are invoiced at 37 €. The 1 / 64th version is displayed from 5 €. Plus delivery. For the launch, until July 14, 2020, the prices are even lowered and fall to € 29.60 and € 4 respectively. Notice to amateurs …

What price for the “real” C4?

The prices of the new full-size C4 are still kept secret. But orders will be open at the end of summer, during the month of September. According to our estimates, the entry ticket for the compact sedan in thermal version should be around 23,000 €.

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