The committee only supported the budget money transfers proposed by the KSČM

Updates: 03.07.2020 10:59

Prague – In the government budget amendment from the parliamentary amendments, the Chamber of Deputies will probably approve only the proposals of the KSČM for transfers of 2.3 billion crowns. In accordance with the opinions of the Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for YES), the Committee on Budgets recommended this to the plenary today. The committee was negative about the other amendments of the opposition, but also of the coalition social democracy.

The government budget draft increases this year’s deficit to half a trillion crowns. The House should approve it on Wednesday.

The Communists want to give a proposal of their deputy Jiří Dolejš from the budget reserve of 1.75 billion crowns for the remuneration of health workers in hospitals and social services, 200 million for the remuneration of employees, especially children’s homes, and 50 million crowns for the remuneration of social workers in municipalities. They also proposed to add from the reserve of 300 million crowns to regional education for the acquisition of digital teaching aids and the strengthening of so-called experiential pedagogy. The KSČM tolerates the YES and CSSD minority cabinet in the Chamber of Deputies.

To the budget amendment, deputies submitted more than 20 proposals for amendments in the total amount of about 165 billion crowns. The committee also opposed, for example, the demands of the Social Democrat Václav Votava to strengthen the budget of the State Material Reserves Administration by 460 million crowns and the chapter of the Ministry of Education by 1.5 billion crowns for distance education. The committee did not agree, for example, with the proposals of Pirate Mikuláš Ferjenčík to reduce the budget reserve and thus the deficit by 11 billion, by 16 billion or by 25 billion crowns.

The government justifies changes to this year’s budget by mitigating the economic impact of the new coronavirus epidemic. Initially, the deficit was to be 40 billion, then the House increased it to the proposal of the Cabinet to 200 billion and then to 300 billion. Now it is to increase by another 200 billion crowns.