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The Slovak Football League took care of the rarity.

In the current year, twelve teams led by up to 34 coaches. They did not reach an exchange in only one club – Ján Haspra has been sitting on the Ružomberok bench since the beginning of the year. In unstable Nitra and Senica, five names have already appeared on coaching positions.

“This is confirmed by the development that I have been observing for a long time – the coaching work is losing its social significance. Coaches once had a special status. They were always a partner of the club owner, because they drove his most expensive car in the club garage. They do not have such a position now. They are built somewhere at the level of team leaders. They need at least a year to show their skills. In this situation, they have no chance. They don’t respect them in clubs, not even those who already have a name, which is the last case of Hrnčár’s case, “comments football expert Milan Lešický on non-standard conditions.

Four coaches fell during the week

This week, up to four clubs changed coaches, for no apparent reason. They were especially surprised in Trenčín, where Norbert Hrnčár, who had only worked in the AS since last October and started the team well, finished. He will be replaced on the bench by his assistant Juraj Ančic and it is still not a permanent solution. Karol Praženica finished in Zlaté Moravce and his place will be taken only by 31-year-old Ľuboš Benkovský. But in the last two matches of the current season, the team will be led by assistant Branislav Mráz.

They continue in coaches in Nitra and Senica. Ivan Galád returned to the Nitra bench for the fourth time, becoming the team’s fifth coach in the current season. And Ján Bíreš survived only four league matches in Senica, although he had a contract until the summer of 2021. The team will be temporarily led by Patrik Durkáč, who will save the situation in the club for the third time this year. It is the sixth Senic coaching change in this calendar year alone, which is undoubtedly unique in the world.

Players without a payday are having a hard time

Michal Ščasný started the winter training for Senice, after which his assistant Durkáč took over the team before the start of the league in February. Jozef Olejník was supposed to become a permanent solution, but it lasted for two days. Eduard Pagáč, who had once coached the team for a long time, was surprised in one match. After him, Durkáč saved the situation again. In March, the club announced that it had resolved the coaching issue and Bíreš took the helm… Today, the team will be coached by coach Joker Durkáč.

“I did statistics and Nitra changed more than twenty coaches in the era of independence. This means that almost no one was given the space to work more conceptually. These are also the reasons why the club is where it is. It looks as if everyone who walked around the Nitra stadium, but also the Senice stadium, was called to try the team’s training, “the long-term coach continues.

The current economic situation is signed under the current situation. “It simply came to our notice then. One of them is the financial position of the club. It is difficult to train a team when players do not receive a payout for a few months. They work in the team only on parole. The coronacrisis made it worse, but even before it the situation was bad, “Lešický believes.

Not everyone will be like a Slav

He tells the coaches that they are also signing the decline of their profession.

“There are more examples. Just look at how they behave on the bench, how they are dressed. A league match should be a holiday, but many are wearing old jerseys or sweatpants. It is difficult to take them as respected persons. Even after a bad match, they claim that the fans had to be satisfied, they are not able to look at the match critically, they are often self-praise. This does not increase their seriousness. I still remember who criticized us coaches after the matches when we spoke out of the way. They were representatives of the media, but they are not doing it now. “

According to Lešický, the current development is towards the fact that professional football is slowly approaching semi-professional football. “It is true in several clubs. Even partially in the leading leagues. Not all clubs like Real and Barcelona are in Spain either. Those who move to the bottom of the table do not have such conditions, such quality and expensive players. Not everyone like Slovan Bratislava will be with us either, “he emphasized.

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