the CEO announces measures!

Following accusations of sexual harassment on Twitter and the investigation of our daily colleagues Release, Ubisoft, French flagship of the video game, announced, through its CEO, many measures, aimed at “make a big difference“.

Sexual harassment at Ubisoft

Nothing is right with Ubisoft. For several days now, the company has faced several accusations of sexual harassment and sexism. A long-term investigation of Release, followed bya meeting with an employee testifying with an open face, describes the disastrous working atmosphere and the difficult daily life of women at Ubisoft.

Faced with the scale of the crisis, after having laid off the vice-presidents Tommy François and Maxime Béland, both targeted by the accusations, Yves Guillemot, the CEO of the company, expressed himself officially, in order to announce many measures.

First, in order to calm tensions within Ubisoft, Guillemot announced creation of listening groups and an anonymous questionnaire. This approach aims to reassure victims of harassment and to free up their voice. This measure is not trivial: indeed, Release recalls that the complainants had not, until the matter was spread on Twitter and in the press, received any attentive listening from Human Resources.

Human Resources, which obviously have not accomplished their mission, are also the target of new measures by Yves Guillemot, who declares that he wants to restructure the service. The CEO announces the creation of two new poles : the Head of Workplace Culture, in charge of “propose changes in scope“which all employees will be able to benefit from, and to create, through Ludwine Saeur, appointed head of service,”a multidisciplinary, international and diverse working group“within the company; and Diversity and Integration Manager, whose mission will be to ensure “improve diversity across the organization“.

According to our colleagues from Numerama, who were able to chat with Ubisoft employees, these announcements were greeted with some circumspection, employees fearing a simple communication, in order to limit the damage caused by the storm. Especially since the accusations of sexual harassment come to choke the image of Ubisoft, which by offering the possibility of camp a character either male or female according to the choices of the player in the new Assassin’s Creed, enhanced its image, in terms of sexual and gender representation.

For our part, we hope that these announcements, promised by the CEO of Ubisoft, will improve the daily lives of the company’s employees.