A gruesome discovery was made by mushroom pickers in the Washington County woods of southern Indiana last weekend. The body of a black boy between the ages of five and eight was found.

Police have not identified the child since Saturday. An autopsy was performed on Tuesday, but they were unable to determine the cause of death. They are still waiting for toxicological results.

“Someone somewhere knows something. Someone took care of this child, was responsible for him,” he said Carey Huls from the ranks of the Indiana Federal Police.

However, the police revealed new details of the case yesterday. According to police, the boy’s body was squeezed into a closed suitcase with hard armor. An inscription is visible on the front of the suitcase: “Welcome to beautiful Las Vegas – Nevada.”

Police initially thought the child was between five and eight years old, but have now claimed it is more likely to be a five-year-old. The child is believed to have died once last week.

The description of the child does not match any description of the missing children in Indiana, so police officers now speculate that the case is likely to transcend state borders.