The HomePod is much more than a speaker, offering us infinite possibilities, some of which many do not even know. We show you some of the best to get the most out of your Apple speaker.

The HomePod, already discontinued by Apple, and the HomePod mini offer us fantastic sound quality, each at its own level, and the best way to control home automation at home. But there are also many other things we can do with them to facilitate other tasks or improve our experience with them. We show you some of the best tricks, surely there are some that you did not know:

  • How to use automatic sound transfer between HomePod and iPhone, and vice versa
  • How to find your iPhone from your HomePod
  • How to Pair and Unpair Two HomePods for Stereo Use
  • How to use the intercom function with the HomePod, iPhone and Apple Watch
  • How to turn off the light and sound when invoking Siri
  • Listening to Soothing Sounds on HomePod
  • How to make the HomePod lower the volume at night
  • How to use an external battery to run the HomePod

With these tricks, along with all the other basic HomePod functions, you are sure to learn how to get the most out of Apple smart speakers. Let’s remember that in addition to listening to them to play Apple Music music, we can send any type of sound through AirPlay, in case we use Spotify or Amazon Music from our iPhone. They can also be used as HomeCinema speakers with our Apple TV, if we pair two HomePods (not homePod mini) being also compatible with Dolby Atmos. And of course they are a control center for HomeKit and all the compatible accessories in our house, allowing remote access, video recording in iCloud and voice control through Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.