The best games placed in World War II

As we celebrate Victory Day over fascism today, let’s remember some legendary as well as contemporary and upcoming games that were able to capture the Second World War in an interesting, entertaining or even authentic way.

Wolfenstein 3D

The classic, which started the FPS genre, also showed that the Second World War is also interesting in the games, and although the authors slightly modified it, it offers an interesting fight against Hitler and his troops.

You can play the game straight on the web.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein brought a great experience from WW2 in his return, which moved Wolfenstein’s theme more into a more realistic environment and more diverse battles. He was unique in his time and also brought additional multiplayer in the Enemy Territory game.

The best games placed in World War II

Serious Commandos

From tactical games, the great Commandos series is placed in the war, where especially Commandos 2 was unique, but it pays to play them all. You will receive an offer of specialized characters, with whom you must subsequently eliminate enemies on the battlefield. The two have now also received a remaster, and various clones have arrived, such as the Warmonglers or the 1941 Partisans

The best games placed in World War II

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

FPS action games in an effort to portray the war opened the Medal of Honor series, which in its time laid the foundations of this genre. It started in 1999, originally on PS1, but two years later it created its PC version with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, in which it pushed the qualities higher. Especially these first parts were very good for their time.

The best games placed in World War II

Call of Duty 1 a 2

After the first parts of the Medal of Honor, the authors of the series went to Activision, where they began making the Call of Duty series. It took the effort to create an atmospheric war one step further. The first two parts turned out very well, although subsequently it was variable with the quality of WW2 parts of the series. The last Call of Duty Vanguard was probably the weakest.

The best games placed in World War II

Battlefield 1942

In addition to the Medal of Honor and the Call of Duty series, there was also a purely multiplayer battlefield of World War II in the Battlefield series. The authors from DICE offered extensive maps, large numbers of players and a game with vehicles, planes and ships. It was great at the time. Recently, they returned to World War II with Battlefield V, which did not start perfectly, but gradually profiled and added enough content.

The best games placed in World War II

Hidden and Dangerous 1 a 2

An interesting Hidden and Dangerous game from Illusion softwork came from the Czech Republic in 1999, which offered a more tactical team view of fighting in World War II. Although the unit offered only such a decent basis, the second part moved it all up one category. It is a pity that we have not yet received at least a remaster, if not an equal remake.

The best games placed in World War II

Sniper Elite series

The Sniper Elite series offers a slightly different view of the war, in which you take on the role of a sniper on missions after the battlefields of World War II. Especially the third and fourth part moved to a decent quality. At the same time, the authors also added zombie cooperation with the defense against Nazi zombies.

The best games placed in World War II

Hearts of Iron IV

If you would like a 4x strategy with great tactical depth and an effort to win the war globally, then Hearts of Iron IV will definitely offer an interesting experience.

The best games placed in World War II

Sudden Strike series

An interesting real-time strategic concept of World War II was the Sudden Strike series of its time, which was released in 2000 and is one of the strategic classics. A few years ago, the authors wanted to revive it with a quartet, but it didn’t fit so well, even though it wasn’t bad.

The best games placed in World War II

Blitzkrieg series

A very similar game to Sudden Strike was Blitzkrieg, which began its series in 2003 and also offered intense strategic combat. The latest Blitzkrieg 3 game was released in 2017.

The best games placed in World War II

Company of Heroes 1 a 2

In 2006, another strategic series placed in the war came to the scene, the Company of Heroes from Relic, which combined the strategic and tactical part of the fighting very well and became very popular. The two subsequently improved it. A troika is now in preparation.

The best games placed in World War II

Men of War

In 2009, the success of the Company of Heroes was followed by the Men of War strategy, which offered equally very sophisticated strategic battles, both in the main game and in other expansions. The fighting will continue this year in Men of War II.

The best games placed in World War II

The Saboteur

The Saboteur game, which brought the open city under Nazi occupation and its liberation very well, offered something completely different in 2010. What was very interesting visually was the element of liberation, where the individual quarters received color after the removal of enemies. Too bad the game didn’t get a sequel or at least a remaster / remake.

The best games placed in World War II

serious silent hunter

In another area, submarine simulations have been published since time immemorial, where the Silent Hunter series captured submarine battles very nicely during World War II. Especially the first parts. The last Silent Hunter V didn’t turn out very well.

The best games placed in World War II

Brothers in Arms séria

The Brothers in Arms, which mixed team play with tactical approach, was also a very good FPS in World War II. The series started in 2005 and was last released by the troika in 2014. There is talk of a sequel, but it is still not coming.

The best games placed in World War II

War Thunder

From modern games is a well-crafted War Thunder, which offers free 2 play battles with vehicles from different eras, but also captures World War II, where it connects both infantry, aircraft, tanks and ships.

The best games placed in World War II

World of Tanks

Like War Thunder, multiplayer battles are captured in World of Tanks, but only with tanks. Although he started cleanly with the Second World War, he already has tanks from other eras. The authors add to this the World of Warships game, which is moved to naval battles. There is also a World of Warplanes with planes.

The best games placed in World War II

IL-2 Sturmovik series

If you want pure air combat in World War II, then the IL-2 Sturmovik series is still great, where players are introduced to the various battlefields of the war. The series began in 2001 and since then a number of parts, expansions and improvements have been released.

The best games placed in World War II

Air Conflicts

We must not forget the series from Slovakia, namely Air Conflicts, which is an arcade aircraft action in World War II since 3Division and Games Farm. The first part was released in 2006 and offered air battles for three sides and brought both campaign and multiplayer. The game later got other parts offered by the Pacific battlefield in Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers, or Secret Wars, which expanded the fighting to the First World War and you could fly over Banská Bystrica. A separate game Aces of World War II was released on the PSP.

The best games placed in World War II

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

In the meantime, World War II also came to the CoR, where there are several games, but the most prominent of them is Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, a new sequel to Medal of Honor, which sought to bring the atmosphere of World War II closer. It wasn’t perfect, but it could offer something new.

The best games placed in World War II

Bombing 1942

If you want a factual game, the Czech Attentat 1942 worked out the topic of the occupation very well in an adventure format, where he told the story from the point of view of an ordinary person.

The best games placed in World War II

Panzer General

A special category of games in World War II are turn-based strategies. In them, you were given a view of the battlefield and a series of divisions with which you moved and attacked tactically. It all started with the Panzer General, which also got an online sequel, and the Panzer Corps is very similar, and now it also got a second.

The best games placed in World War II

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

You may not know, but at one time Microsoft also released a combat version of Flight Simulator and added just more games. The first was published in 1998 and was set in the European battles of World War II. He was followed by Combat Flight Simulator with the Pacific Front, and Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe returned to Europe.

The best games placed in World War II

Steel Division 2

The Steel Division is also a very well developed strategy, now in the second part it offers a very good combination of a turn-based strategic shift of units and a 3D view of dynamic battles.

The best games placed in World War II

Red Orchestra 1 a 2

The Red Orchestra was a unique game or modem of its time. She was a mod for the Unreal Tournament, only to later transform into a solo title. It offers more hardcore multiplayer combat and has practically launched a whole scene of similar games.

The best games placed in World War II

Modern multiplayer games

The Red Orchestra has made it possible to open a new, albeit smaller, multiplayer market, where you can play Hell Let Loose, for example, as well as a more hardcore multiplayer game, similar to Post Scriptum or Enlisted. Alternatively, Day of Infamy, also a game that originally started as a mod.

Upcoming games

If you enjoy World War II, Company of Heroes 3 and Men of War 2 are now coming in the strategic area, but the tactical Commandos: Origins is also being prepared. Sniper Elite V will be in the action area this month. Uboat, a new submarine simulator, is being prepared, and Wolfpack will also be on offer, but it will be a cooperative game.

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