The Bayern player does not go to prison 1photo: EPA-EFE / LUKAS BARTH-TUTTAS

Lucas Hernandez, a Bayern player and a member of the French national team, can breathe a sigh of relief. A court in Madrid accepted his appeal and sentenced him to four years probation. That is how the left-footed football player avoided going to prison.

Hernandez was given a suspended sentence of four years, which means that he will not have to go to prison if he does not commit a new crime during that period.

Also, the football player will have to pay a fine of 96,000 euros.

Hernandez was convicted of domestic violence.

Namely, back in February 2017, the football player and his wife Amelia had a fierce quarrel on the street, and after the police intervened, they were both arrested.

The court then sentenced them to 30 days of community service. They were also banned from approaching.

However, they violated the ban, after which Hernandez’s sentence was changed to one year in prison. His wife was not punished, because she was not officially informed about the ban on approaching.