The battle of the “sword of Jerusalem” from a Zionist point of view .. Hamas won the final blow to “Jerusalem”

Imagine that two boxers, one of whom is less strong and ready, but has determination and determination, and the second is a huge Ghazanfar, heavily armed but cowardly, and all bets point to his victory, but the first weaker one initiated a blow and a strong slap to the second that made him lose his balance in the first round.

This is the truth of the fourth war battle between Hamas and the resistance forces on the one hand, and the Western-backed Zionist enemy on the other hand, which the resistance has called “the Sword of Jerusalem.”

While the Zionists are deceiving their strength and attacking the worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and expelling the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from their homes to further Judaize the area surrounding the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Arab leaders enveloped silence and colluded with the occupier, Hamas took the initiative to change the deterrence equation with the enemy from (striking settlements if Israel strikes Gaza) to Tel Aviv hit if the Zionists attacked Jerusalem.

At the beginning of the crisis, the Zionist occupation underestimated it, so the Al-Qassam Brigades gave him a deadline until the sixth day of May 10 to withdraw from Al-Aqsa, and when he did not do so, they directly knocked out their missiles towards Jerusalem to convey a message to the occupier that it was ready with more force.

This early slap or knockout was recognized by the Zionist media and said that it is what will remain in the Zionist memory even if Netanyahu and his leaders try to achieve any gain by demolishing the largest number of Gaza buildings to appear as the victor.

Victory strike

In the first analytical studio on the Hebrew Channel 13, on the first day of the war after the Jerusalem strike, the Zionist experts, security and political figures hosted by the channel, agreed that Hamas is the biggest winner for the following reasons:

(First): Hamas was able to record the “victory of the image”, meaning the strike that was directed at Jerusalem after the Qassam warned the Zionists on Monday 5/10/2021 AD, and this means that all the achievements or failures in the war later will always be bound by this fixed victory image, which is the strike of Jerusalem.

(Second): The Zionist analysts are unanimously agreed that the Hamas leadership of the battle with the Joint Chamber of Resistance in Gaza had more credibility with the Zionist people than the Israeli newspapers, and they were waiting for the Qassam and Jihad statements to know the truth. Indeed, the statements of the Zionist army were informing the Zionists that Hamas and the resistance lifted the curfew in Tel Aviv for two hours Then they would strike, and within two hours Netanyahu held a press conference and then went to the shelter !!

They said that what distinguishes Hamas leadership of the battle today is its ability to reach the Palestinian public inside the occupied interior, and the formation of a public opinion that resists and rejects the Zionist occupation, in addition to its clear return to the context of the confrontation in the West Bank, and the restoration of the Arab public opinion compass in line with the Hamas party to the Palestinian situation.

(Third)Such as imposing a curfew in Israel and imposing a no-fly zone on its sky by bombing its airport, then imposing a ban on exporting its oil by striking oil refineries in the Mediterranean and stopping the operation of the Tamar field platform, unprecedented victories.

The announcement of the curfew on the political capital of the Zionist entity “Tel Aviv”, and the prohibition or permission for the Zionist public to move in accordance with the decisions of the Qassam leadership, and also in line with the missile barrages on the Zionist sites and cities, was an order that clearly indicated the features of the initial knockout and victory regardless of the attempt Zionists collect any victory by killing innocent people and demolishing buildings.

(Fourthly)The burning of the sails of the Authority’s ships in Ramallah, according to prisoner Islam Hassan Hamed, has placed them in the corner of accusations of being the Zionist enemy, the demolition of the “Lahd” army model, the agent of Israel in southern Lebanon, and the rebellion of the Palestinian community in the West Bank against the security control that was imposed from Before the authority over the past years, even “Reuters” said that there are soldiers affiliated with the authority who have started to split with it because their role has become to serve the entity and suppress their people.

(Fifthly): The war that broke out inside Zionism (the occupied land of Palestine in 1948) exposed the falsehood of peaceful coexistence between the Palestinian community at home and the components of the Jewish public; Whereas work has been done to end the Palestinian identity from the conscience of the Palestinian society since the establishment of the occupation, so the battle and the gift of Jerusalem, the Gaza war, and the solidarity of all Palestinians in the lands of 48 and 67 and the West Bank and on the borders came to confirm that the Palestinian national conscience is rooted in the people’s conscience and that the image of coexistence is nothing but a hazy cloud imposed by the occupation, The mother of the losses is what is always paid from the blessed souls of the martyrs and the stones of the houses, which pays the price for victory.

Strategic profit

Hamas has achieved a strategic profit that will remain in setting a new equation for epilepsy and has emerged as a protector of the Palestinian people and Jerusalem under the treachery of the Arab regimes, while Israel is trying to appear as a temporary winner or it has achieved a “tactical victory” represented in the bombing of residential towers, demolishing homes, destroying agricultural crops and local factories in Gaza, and demolishing Buildings of the Gaza Authority.

The reactions in the Israeli milieu varied between political analysts and the press, and there were conflicts and opinions differed between the political and military establishment on the seventh day regarding the military war on the Gaza Strip, while some questioned the goals and results of the war, and this appeared on the faces of observers of the Israeli elites at all levels, As a result of the continued firing of rockets into Gaza, and politicians’ constant claim to the elimination of the missile platforms in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’s goal is clear, and I won it

Yediot Aharonot said in a report that, “within only 4 days, the damage in” Israel “as a result of the security tension with Gaza amounted to more than half of the damages of the 2014 Protective Edge War, which lasted 51 days.

The expert, Shaul Arieli, in an interview with Channel 11, questioned the objectives of the military battle, saying: “The goals of the battle for Ismail Haniyeh are clear, and they are Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, and the land of Palestine. As for Netanyahu, they are not clear.” He continued: “Netanyahu’s promise to deter Hamas is not reliable, and it is redundant and will only lead to the continued growth of Hamas.”

He emphasized that Hamas’s most prominent achievement is that it has become the main address for defending Al-Aqsa, and the reason is the government’s actions and restrictions on Al-Aqsa.

The military correspondent of Channel (11) praised Hamas’s strategic achievement, which is the opening of five fronts against Israel, while there is no Israeli achievement that can mask this strategic conclusion.

“The Zionist army is in a race against time to achieve achievements in the field of awareness and memory,” said a military analyst, Yediot Aharonot, after failing to hunt down Hamas leaders in the tunnels that were bombed violently.

Security expert Ronen Bregman commented in “Yediot Aharonot” that the deception carried out by the army through the statements of the army spokesman to the foreign media had caused great harm to “Israel” in the field of public relations.

Israeli writer Yossi Gorbache blew up the occupation’s claims that Hamas is launching its rockets from inside populated civilian areas, saying: This is a lie, because a missile cannot be fired from inside a building without this building being destroyed. The truth is that the rockets are fired from open areas and pits.

Hamas became the defender of Al-Aqsa

Zionist analysts began talking about the victor in the battle, and each side looked for victory and a great goal to achieve in order to announce its victory.

Zionist analyst Alex Fishman wrote in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper: “Hamas can indeed praise its major achievement as the movement succeeded in launching massive numbers of rockets into Israel despite the military actions, and Hamas also renamed itself the defender of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the champion of the Palestinian cause.”

He said, “Hamas can claim victory through its repeated missile strikes on the center of the country and renaming it as the defender of Al-Aqsa, but it has no military success in promoting it, while the Israeli army must show that it has achieved its goals in destroying Hamas’s capabilities, causing severe damage to it.” You pay it not to launch future attacks.

In terms of military gains, he added, the group had not achieved major successes. Neither in drone attacks nor infiltration into Israeli territory through attack tunnels or from the sea, despite two attempts since the outbreak of the fighting.

Other analysts said: “Israel is looking for what it describes as a” picture of victory “in its aggression on Gaza, in order to wave an image like this when it agrees to a ceasefire.

The Israelis consider that a “picture of victory” was achieved by Hamas since the beginning of the aggression, when it launched projectiles at Jerusalem, on the Israeli “Jerusalem Day”, and caused the settlers’ march to dispersal and the evacuation of the Western Wall plaza and prevented the continuation of the celebration of the anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem, according to the military analyst at Haaretz newspaper. Amos Harel.

Harel said that Israel cannot agree to Hamas’s demand to change the arrangements at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and that this demand would “hold negotiations, mediated by Egypt and the United Nations.

Harel pointed out that “Israel went out, or dragged, into a battle aimed at deterrence, not decisiveness, and the hope that other surprise attacks and other painful assassinations will fundamentally improve the balance of deterrence and extend the period that Gaza will require for itself until the next battle. It does not eliminate the risks associated with the continuation of the fighting.” .

Yossi Yehoshua, the military correspondent for the newspaper, Yossi Yehoshua, considered that there is an Israeli “intelligence failure,” due to the unpredictability of “Hamas’s determination to start a war,” and the lack of success of many Israeli military operations during the current aggression.

He added, “Hamas will tell itself the story of its victory, which will include the fact that it has turned into the garrison of Jerusalem, and in this situation it is very clear that the prices will be very high and the likelihood that an interim government will agree to these conditions, in light of clear opposition from the Shin Bet, is very small.”

Do not wait for a victory

Shimon Shafer wrote in Yedioth Aharonot, saying: “Do not wait for a picture of victory .. Also in our case, there are wars that do not have a picture of victory,” indicating that the most important achievement of Hamas is evident in the fire that it ignited in the mixed cities.

He said: Despite the destruction, the rocket fire will continue until the ceasefire is declared. Hamas has revived the Palestinian identity that we tried to obliterate.

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