The new Apple Watch model that we all hope to see on September 7 could bring with it a change that many of us feared: the new size could require wider straps.

Since Apple launched its first Apple Watch model, it has not changed its strap system, which has made it easy for us to build up a good collection over the years to be able to change the strap depending on the situation or simply because we feel like it. However, this year we expect a new model, larger and with a more “rough” look, in the style of sportier watches. This new model, which many of us have been waiting for a long time, may require a change in strap designwhich should be slightly wider to fit the new watch.

Will this mean that the current bands will not work with the new Apple Watch? Not necessarily, although it can happen. If we trust the design of current straps, the area that attaches to the watch case is wider than the strap itself, so there is scope to create larger straps without modifying the hooking system. This is the alternative that those of us who already have a good collection of straps would like the most, some of which are not cheap. Although aesthetically they may not be perfect in a larger watch, it would be a solution that would make everyone happy. But it can also happen that the hook is different, which would mean that those of us who switch to the new smartwatch would have to start a new collection again. There is not much time left to find out, since in just over a week we will have the Apple presentation event in which we will see the new iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch, with all its specifications and prices.