It seems that the functions of the Apple Watch focused on health do not stop at the electrocardiograms, in the reading and measurement of oxygen in blood and others. A recent study by a group of researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York explains that these Apple Watch could predict a COVID-19 case a week before performing a PCR.

And it seems that Apple’s smart watch and other watches similar to that of the Cupertino firm collect a series of data that is used to detect the most frequent symptoms of the disease. Heart rate data are key in this regard and the changes reflected and contrasted by the researchers determined how well they explain in TechCrunch what the Apple watch is one more tool for the early detection of the disease.

They continue to investigate the Apple Watch and COVID-19

We have to clarify that It is a study and therefore it is not something that is officially used today to diagnose possible cases of COVID-19. On the other hand, if the investigations continue as it seems they are doing and the results obtained are finally certified, no one says that it can be used to diagnose this damn pandemic early.

Apple has a lot to contribute in terms of health and the Apple Watch is a clear example with several options dedicated directly to measuring this data. We are clear that the Apple watch is still a specific device for Apple users but improvements in health data measurement and other built-in options can give you greater rank in people’s lives. If you can now give early warning of this disease or its symptoms, that would be great.

In fact, there are many early cases of heart disease detection, help in the event of a fall with the integrated sensor, calls for help in the event of an accident and more.s details that make it much more than just a smartwatch.