The annex: Miri Regev does not remain obliged and attacks my friends in blue and white

In light of the discussion on the ease of spending Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial, Minister of Transportation Miri Regev (Likud) was interviewed Tuesday (Tuesday) for “News 13” and addressed the Attorney General’s decision on Netanyahu’s case, as well as the growing tension in the coalition between her party and “Blue and White” Around the question of applying sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Who is today making a professional decision and recommends not allowing Netanyahu to receive funding for his legal expenses and absorbs fire from the USSR, is that a proper thing in a democratic state?
“What is desirable in a democratic state is that there will be no conflict of interest. The prime minister has the right to protection. In 2018, the same legal advisor approves it as a gift, in 2017 he knows the amount is NIS 7 million. So what happened? Against Netanyahu, he cannot defend himself. The court will do what it wants, indict and give Netanyahu a normal legal representation. There is a law for Netanyahu and a law for the rest. “

He explains that in principle every pleasure is given to him as a public figure and is forbidden
“Don’t understand the difference between 2018 and 2019 to NIS 7 million, which is yes, and now about NIS 10 million is wrong.”

You cast on a haunting Mandelblit Dean
“The court did its job as it understands it and filed indictments. Netanyahu wants to provide the best legal team he can because he believes in his innocence. No prime minister in the past has behaved like this, not even Olmert who took gifts from friends. Returning again – in previous years the consultants stated that it was not a gift. There was no tweet from anybody, there is attitude to Netanyahu and everything else. “

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Miri Regev (Photo: Sasson Tiram)

The PM’s announcement is personally against Mandelblit
“The prime minister is also a man who needs to defend himself, and when he sees that there is such persecution, he is allowed to express criticism. Nobody has entered the bank account of neither Sharon nor Olmert, nor will they enter Netanyahu’s account.”

The unity government you set up is breaking up, is that what Netanyahu wants?
“If he wanted to, he would have found reasons much earlier. The PM is committed to unity because he is committed to the citizens of Israel. We didn’t think there would be a honeymoon here. I wish we had 61, but the reality of the Corona did not pass the State of Israel, it favored the public good over the good of the national camp. “

“I think Gantz is producing some of those crises. We went with Gantz and blue in Norwegian law and the cease-fire, but in white blue every time creates a new problem – what didn’t they know we were going to apply sovereignty to?”

Is the very difficult situation of the Israeli economy when the treasury needs every shekel, is that what the Israeli economy needs?
“First of all, it’s not an annexation, it’s our territories. Our ancestors and our verifications went around those territories. We don’t want to make the election, but if at the end of a blue-and-white day they don’t cooperate and do not play their part in the coalition agreement, that will be a problem.”

“Wide security preparations should be and it is being done today, not recognizing any economic cost. The sovereignty must be applied, it is a historic opportunity, and no matter what situation we are in,”