The actual number of cases of corona is ten times higher: WHO

The actual number of people infected with the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) is ten times higher than the declared number, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The health agency also said the actual number of cases was not known because not everyone could be tested. At a regular press conference, WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminath said the actual number of infected people was ten times higher than the announced number or about 100 million. We don’t know the exact number of people affected, he said. “While the overall situation in Corona has improved in several countries, the situation around the world has deteriorated,” he said. On Thursday, July 2, more than 200,000 people were infected in a single day, the highest ever. More than five thousand died.

Meanwhile, the number of victims in the world has exceeded one crore 96 thousand. On the other hand, even though the infection is not under control, the restrictions imposed in different countries including India and Brazil are being relaxed. Restaurants, bars and other businesses are being opened in Brazil. So far, restaurants in Rio de Janeiro have only provided food parcels, but now we are allowed to sit there. One of the locals said, “We have come here for lunch.” To me it seems like a safe place. It feels very good to have such an opportunity after so many days.

However, in Brazil, about 46,000 people were infected on Thursday, July 2. More than 12,000 died. In this situation, analysts fear that the infection may increase due to the opening of business establishments and relaxation of restrictions. On the same day, about 22,000 people were infected in India. The number of victims in the country has exceeded six lakh. However, restrictions are being relaxed in various states. “We are taking the identification of the victims seriously,” said one resident. First checking the temperature of the suspects, then collecting their samples to make sure about the corona.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong Un has claimed unimaginable success in dealing with Corona. In a statement to North Korea’s Central News Agency, Kim claimed that his country had succeeded because of its “extreme caution” against the Corona epidemic. However, no specific information has been found about the corona infection in North Korea.