The 5 most common misconceptions about vaginal function

Although most women think they know everything about vaginal function, it should be striking that there is still a lot of misinformation circulating in the public consciousness!

1. He who does not get wet enough does not want a mate

Not true! There are women who, even in a state of heightened arousal, produce less of the secretions that it makes penetration smoother and more enjoyable for both parties. The lubricants were invented for these women, so feel free to use them if you feel you need a little help!

2. Gynecological cancer screening certainly rules out the problem

Unfortunately a mistake! The so-called PAP test, the result of which gives the value of the cancer screening (indicated by the abbreviation P1, P2, etc.), gives information about the condition of the cervix, but it does not examine the ovaries, rectum, and breasts. They are mapped by doctors using other methods.

3. Frequent masturbation is harmful to health

Of course! Sex – even when someone is practicing it solo – is a great gift to your body. So if you want to be pampered, but there is no one who can give you, don’t be ashamed, serve yourself!

4. To be desirable, it must be perfumed downstairs

It’s stupid to believe this! It’s more of an advertising ploy, the well-groomed and clean genitals for it has no unpleasant odor. If you don’t have any infections and take care of your personal hygiene, you don’t need any intimate perfume or other “flavoring” tools!

5. Sex hurts sometimes, it’s totally okay

Not true at all! A hug in love is good if it brings joy to both parties and ends with fulfillment if possible. If you feel pain during an intrusion or act, be sure to share your problem with your gynecologistto find the solution and make sex just a pleasure for you too!