That is why the Greeks closed five border crossings

The director of the Greek Tourist Office in Romania (EOT) explained why the Greeks closed five border crossing points and left only one open. The Romanians hoped that they would be able to have a very peaceful holiday in Greece this year as well, even if the coronavirus epidemic was not completely eradicated.

Greek authorities have closed no less than 5 of the 6 border crossings with Bulgaria, leading to the formation of long queues of cars at the only remaining crossing point, Kulata – Promachonas. In another news that hysterized Romania, all the 200 Romanian tourists who arrived in Crete on Wednesday on a plane were tested for coronavirus even if they had already filled in the mandatory form.

What do the Greeks say about why they closed five of the six border crossings with Bulgaria

Georgios Stafylakis, director of the Greek Tourist Office in Romania, said that the Greek civil protection services always have the last word in such situations, and the decision belongs entirely to them.

“The epidemiological crisis has created new data and unique conditions for tourism. In this context, all those involved in the hospitality industry, entrepreneurs and tourists alike are forced to adapt. Tourism must continue. Everyone’s right to work, to creativity, to the joy of life must be protected. Greece has taken on the great challenge of managing this difficult situation and opening its borders to tourists and has taken on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all travelers. In this effort, the Greek civil protection services have the first word and the main responsibility to ensure to foreign travelers the same level of security that they obtained for the Greek citizens in the previous months. Managing this unprecedented situation is a dynamic process in which the authorities have the right to modify or adjust measures to ensure that a maximum level of security is maintained for all who visit Greece. Managing such a situation is not easy and difficulties arise at the beginning of such a process. The Romanian EOT office has worked hard to create an optimal climate for tourism and has provided significant assistance to Romanian tourism professionals throughout our presence in this beautiful country with warm and authentic people. We have constantly contributed to the development of close ties and deep and sincere friendship between Romanians and Greeks “, said Georgios Stafylakis.

Upon entering Greece, tourists are randomly tested for COVID-19 infection. Tested persons must wait for the result for 24 hours, in conditions of self-isolation, at the address they have declared in the electronic form. Also, general prevention measures, such as wearing a mask, disinfecting hands and social distancing, are mandatory.