In Thailand, they plan to lift the quarantine for full vaccination of at least 10 low-risk countries from 1 November. The risk is therefore not ruled out, but it is an attempt to revive the fatally injured tourism sector.

Among the 10 countries whose citizens could be accepted are the United Kingdom, China, Germany and the United States. Passengers will be required to attach a negative test on arrival, where the test will then be repeated. If the other is also negative, they will be able to travel freely around the country.

More than 10,000 new infections have been reported in Thailand every day since July. About 32 percent of nearly 70 million Thais are vaccinated with two doses. Half of them all received one dose.

The country’s doors are expected to open more widely on December 1, when the sale of alcoholic beverages will be allowed again.

Deprived of earnings

Thai tourism was left without $ 50 billion ($ 43 billion) in earnings last year due to the covida-19 pandemic. This was the worst blow to the local economy in more than two decades For comparison: in the first eight months of this year, just over 70,000 visitors came to Thailand; in 2019, 40 million were recorded in 12 months.