Test report: We have run “finished” Polestar 2

Earlier this week, Peder and Alrik went to Gothenburg to test drive Polestar 2. This will of course be a Reason & Feel movie, but until then we have to settle for a test run report of Polestar 2.

Finally we got to drive the finished Polestar 2 – what are the first impressions of the car?

In size, it feels like a Golf with a little elongated half-combi hatchback, which was also slightly raised to give way to the battery pack – without signaling Cross Country.
At the Volvo seat, you feel enclosed, the side windows are low and the rear view is poor. The interior feels homely but not as luxurious as in Volvo’s modern cars, rather a bit simpler, more stripped down while being more technical, with its new infotainment facility.

Oddly enough, given that the car is taller than a “regular” car, the chassis is sporty and the car really wants to be nice and entertaining to drive. With Öhlins dampers, it feels too mute over bumps at lower speeds, while it really comes into its own on the road. Nice rolling comfort, good body control and balance.

408 hp and 660 Nm means the power is there, but it does not “explode” on Teslavis but comes more sneakily. The same can be said about the steering, which is good but not very direct.
The driving experience is harmonious and if you want to drive away properly it goes really well, it is sportier than it looks to be.

The brake pedal can have a single-pedal position with good energy recovery or set to normal “fossil car mode”.
The sound level is pleasantly low and the chairs nice, but maybe a little harsh? The rear seat has a fairly good height while being quite short.

Any positive detail that you have noted?

The door handles are normal and we like that, as the tailgate is of semi-combi type and that is also good. One detail that may be important to many is that the car is allowed to pull 1,500 kg.

How is it to drive, does it feel like a Volvo?

The whole car really breathes Volvo and when it was presented as a concept it also had Volvo grill and so on. But the feeling is more youthful, tighter, more modern.

In the next issue of auto engine & sport, and here on the site for you who is a Premium member, comes a detailed test driving report with a lot of technical information as well as everything about the car’s strengths and weaknesses.

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