It was a topic, especially in early fall, that they landed on Tesla in the United States, saying the name Autopilot was misleading, after all, it’s not about a robotic pilot, but a driving assistance system. While they are constantly being refined and, as far as we know, the studies have not been completed, they are also working on the actual self-management solution.

However, based on the experience so far, this has not lived up to the expectations of the name. Recently, CNN went on a test drive in New York, which worked well while the trip was free. In “trickier” situations, when other vehicles, cyclists, don’t give up, pedestrians are in the picture, the line-up is already changing – writes Carscoops.

Human intervention was often required:

  • he would have started to get around a bike completely unnecessarily, even though a truck was approaching in the oncoming lane;
  • in another situation, he did not notice the cordons blocking the lane and then jerked the car into the other lane with an aggressive motion;
  • and in a third case, Tesla stopped at the green light.

“It seems to annoy other drivers as well,” said Michael Ballaban, a CNN traffic specialist, in the video. However, he also acknowledged that his own uneasiness may have affected the test result. But the recordings suggest that there were plenty of situations that would have led to an accident without his intervention. In conclusion, calling it a complete self-management system is simply wrong.