Croatian singer Teresa Kesovija does not stand still, she released a new song titled Ima te, which she created during the release of measures due to the epidemic. Even during quarantine, in the spring, she surprised with an unexpected collaboration. Namely, she recorded a duet with the Rijeka group LET 3 and confirmed that she is still very vital and active, full of life energy and positivism. For the new song, she is confident that it will anchor itself in the hearts of her fans. “The song is very emotional, this song is like a prayer, I still get a hen way every time I hear it. I put a lot of emotion into every letter of the unplugged text. “ In her rich music career, Tereza has released more than 50 albums and recorded around 1000 singles. As she said, life was not easy for her: her mother died when she was barely a month old. My father remarried, but they were poor. She first sang in the choir and then attended music school where she learned the flute. “My father sold a pig so he could buy me a flute. Later I graduated from the music academy – from the flute, “ she narrated.


In her younger days, the music diva from Dubrovnik, who was very successful at home, performed at the Eurovision Song Contest for Monaco. In 1965, she moved to France and began singing songs in French. She performed at Eurovision twice: in 1966 she represented Monaco and in 1972 Yugoslavia. As she revealed to the Croatian media, she is a princess Grace Kelly she wanted the Principality of Monaco to be represented at Eurovision by Teresa, even though she is a prince Rainer wanted to send singer Isabelle to Eurovision. “It’s her, she’s the winner,” Grace Kelly said. Later I went to greet her and she said to me: ‘Today I am your friend, if you need me, let me know,’ “ Teresa remembered meeting the princess. In the end, however, the prince gave in to his wife’s wishes, and then 28-year-old Teresa represented Monaco at the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, she did not achieve the expected result, as she did not get a single point, she shared the last place with the representative of Italy Domenicom Modugnom, otherwise the author of the Eurovision hit Volare.