Tender Attractions in Terminal Park in Eilat: Success in the first stage

Eilat Municipality, through the Eilat Economic Society (MKA) Ltd., held a bidding tour in the area, attended by 74 representatives of leading international and Israeli companies interested in the tender

Eilat Terminal Park. Planning and Imaging Derman and Rebel Architecture

Despite the Corona crisis and economic uncertainty in the economy, Eilat continues to be an entrepreneur and investor. A tremendous success was recorded in the first stage of the tender to operate the tourist attractions in the terminal park in Eilat, located in the area of ​​the old airport. This week the Eilat Economic Company (MK) held a bidding tour of the old Eilat airport, where the park will be built, and attended by 74 senior representatives interested in the tender – big business owners from around the country, CEOs and owners of companies from England, USA and Russia, Including one of the companies operating the world’s largest giant wheels.

According to the mayor of Eilat, Meir Yitzhak Halevi: “Much interest in the tender of the attractions, and the respectable participation in the tour offerings, despite the Corona crisis that is hovering over us, constitutes a clear expression of confidence from the business community in the city of Eilat and the Terminal Park in particular. The identity and number of participants in the tour, representatives of leading international companies, indicate the level of interest that the tender attracts and the quality of the bidders who will be there. ”

Avi Cohen, The CEO of the Economic Society noted that the deadline for submitting tenders for tenders to operate the tourist attractions in the terminal park is 20.7.20. He said: “This is a tender for the construction and operation of attractions on an area of ​​14 dunams in the south of the evacuated airport complex, for a period of 10 years. We are sure that the Terminal Park will completely change the city’s recreation and leisure culture for both the city’s residents and its vacationers. ” Said Cohen.

Offering tour photo = PR photography

The huge and largest park in Israel, which will be invested with NIS 170 million and will cover a total area of ​​70 dunams, will include tourist attractions such as a hot air balloon, giant wheel, wave pool, water park, motor park, Ninja complex, Extreme complex, car museum, market Food, Carnival Complex, Extreme Water Slides, Luna Park, Inflatable and Gymbury Park, Rope Park, Virtual Reality, Circus, Collision Cars, Surf Simulator, Ball Pool and more. In addition, the complex will build innovative performances and festivals from recycled containers, an urban cultural center, a museum, the Low Coast Hotel, a camping complex and more.

An open park is also planned at the terminal park, which connects the eastern and western sides of the city with networked paths and shading, connecting Eilat’s main street – the promenade to the promenade, an amusement park, such tourist attractions, playgrounds, a camping complex, a concert and multi-party festivals and more.

The terminal building will be preserved and converted into an urban cultural center. The complex is intended to serve as the attraction complex, which is divided into three sections: a western and eastern complex, each of which is about 7 dunams, and another central avenue (along the route of the existing take-off route), which will include an urban park, public areas and various service areas. In each of the complexes, attractions will be operated, as well as “cross-fence” attractions throughout the park.

Alongside promoting the tender and just before the roads and Eilat connect, the wall that connects the city and the tourist area through the old airport area was dedicated to unique urban art. For four days and nights, the wall adjacent to the terminal at the old airport became on the date Boulevard, so an outdoor painting. Ten local artists selected from dozens of artists painted their hearts on the wall to be demolished. The project was initiated and financed by Eilat Economic Society (MKA), which is developing the field area and within it the terminal park. Since the wall was exposed, residents and holidaymakers are photographed instead of a souvenir.

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