Telegram Premium iOS

Messaging applications are the daily bread on our devices. Increasingly they are an element that unites many parts of our lives and allows us to be in contact with a large number of people. In addition, the evolution at the functional level of the apps is very high and every time other services are integrated into the same apps to become applications all terrain. The latest beta of Telegram, the popular instant messaging app, for iOS reveals a Premium subscription mode that could bring exclusive functions to those users who purchased the subscription. Will we finally see this ‘paid’ Telegram?

Telegram Premium could become a reality soon

Telegram also has, like WhatsApp, with a public beta program among users to experiment, refine and debug new features for the future. In the latest beta version of Telegram for iOS (version 8.7.2) the first evidence of the much-speculated Telegram Premium. It is likely that the arrival of this mode would imply an expense on the part of the user to access exclusive functions.

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In this first beta las Telegram Premium exclusive features focus primarily on extended reactions and special stickers. When stickers that are in this Premium mode are published in a chat, Telegram deletes the message and launches a warning that it is Premium content, which we cannot see if we are not subscribed. In the same way, there are a number of new message reactions that can only be viewed in Premium mode.

Throughout the app there is no indication of the price of the subscription or the launch of this mode. In fact, being a beta version, it is not certain that Telegram will finally decide to launch this function. It is a paid subscription mode that would make Telegram stop being free entirely. Nevertheless, It is still unknown if its launch will be final and if behind this launch there are more complex functionalities and not yet presented by the company that could make sense with the Premium mode.