Tel Aviv Municipality Against Residents: Ninja facility will be set up near the beach

The Ministry of Transport has warned the Tel Aviv municipality of the severe consequences that could be caused by the construction of a ninja facility on the southern coast of Tel Aviv, but the municipality intends to approve the construction despite the warning and protests from the area’s residents.

Residents living in Ne’eman Towers, the Sea & Sun Tower, the West Hotel and nearby neighborhoods fear severe damage to their quality of life, due to traffic congestion that may arise with the operation of the facility, which is expected to bring thousands of visitors to the area, especially on weekends.

Residents say that there are already heavy traffic loads in the area on weekends, and that they will get worse after it is turned on. “Since the removal of the closure, there are heavy loads of vehicles on the weekends, the traffic jams can reach Highway 2 and the Galilee junction, and if the ninja facility works, this will have serious consequences for us as well,” says the resident. “On weekends we sometimes feel like curfew. We can’t go out and not go into the houses because of traffic jams.”

Parking shortage in Tel Aviv (Photo: Nati Shochat, Flash 90)Parking shortage in Tel Aviv (Photo: Nati Shochat, Flash 90)
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There is also a severe parking shortage in the area. The makeshift parking lots are too small to accommodate the thousands of vehicles arriving on weekends. “What will happen when thousands more arrive? Where will they park?”, Another tenant warns. “Severe noise nuisances may also arise, not to mention the safety danger that visitors and children will have to go between the cars until they reach the busy beach.”

The Ministry of Transport makes it clear: “We have drawn the attention of the Tel Aviv municipality, in accordance with its responsibility as a local authority, to the expected consequences for traffic instead of the construction of the facility. The municipality noted that it is aware of the problem and is currently investigating various solutions to prevent traffic congestion.”

The Tel Aviv municipality announced two weeks ago that it will review the residents’ claims, but yesterday made it clear that it intends to approve the construction of the facility. “Fitness facilities and amusement facilities are located throughout the entire coast, as is the facility, which is in the final stages of receiving all permits required for installation and maintenance by law,” the Tel Aviv Municipality says. “We will emphasize that the municipality finds no connection between traffic congestion on weekends and the installation of the facility.”