For everyone there users who are watching Instagram stories all day You may find this feature helpful. You may not need it and know how to measure yourself but social networks are usually so “addictive” that it is difficult to put them aside for a while …

In this case, Instagram plans to implement a functionality so that «we can take a break from the social network. This type of notices for us to take a break are available for example on Apple devices such as the Apple Watch with the mindfulness app, recently it was also implemented on other social networks such as Facebook and now it could hit Instagram in the next month.

Each one to do what they want but beware of addictions

Obviously everything in this life is good in its right measure. We can say that browsing the internet as such can be an addiction, games, sports, etc. Everything is good until it becomes an addiction and you can spend hours and hours with it without realizing how quickly time passes. In this case, Instagram has, like other social networks, that point or fine line that becomes an addiction and therefore they are thinking of implementing a system similar to that of reminders that will allow us to set a time for use and rest of the app.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of the social network Instagram, was in charge of announcing this new function directly from his Twitter profile. After configuration by the user himself, the application will offer you the option to take a break from the app, it will tell you to write what you are thinking at that moment or to listen to your favorite song, among other options. Many think that precisely this option can cause the opposite effect, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the moment to reconnect … As I say, everything in its proper measure is good.