‘Tahura Aziz Foundation’ next to helpless people – United news 24

Colit Talukdar, Pabna representative :: Tahura Aziz Foundation, a social organization of Pabna, is standing by the helpless people with multi-faceted relief activities. These include the distribution of free medicines to helpless sick people, the provision of clothes for the distressed women to stand on their own two feet, the distribution of sewing machines and goats. In addition to cooperating in fish farming, providing tubewells to various religious and educational institutions and burying the body of a person who died of corona symptoms. And these humanitarian aid activities are going on with the financial support of people living in different parts of the country and different professionals.

Dewan Mahbub, the founding executive director of the foundation, and Shishir Islam, a volunteer, have been working day and night for the welfare of the underprivileged and disadvantaged. And many are extending their hand of financial support in this work. Mahbub and Shishir came to the discussion after bathing and burying the bodies of three people who had recently died in Pabna due to corona infection or corona symptoms when no one was coming forward for burial.

It was learned during the talk that Alhaj Dewan Azizul Islam, former head of the philosophy department of Pabna Government Edward College, started the Tahura-Aziz Foundation in 2011 with a vow to serve the people. He is the founding chairman of the organization. His wife Tahura Begum has died. Son Dewan Mahbub is currently running the organization. From the beginning till now the organization has been providing free medicines to the helpless and distressed people. For the last 9 years, the organization has been distributing free medical services and medicines to 125,000 helpless and poor people. Recently, they think that if you just give medicine, people will take the medicine for free for the rest of their lives, don’t buy it with money. So the initiative to create employment to make them self-reliant started from this year.

Kamna Akhter Runa, daughter of late Wazed Mallik of Dakshin Ramchandrapur village in Pabna Sadar Upazila, said her father was a freedom fighter but his name has not been listed yet. I tried a lot and failed to get a name in the list. With only one daughter and one brother, I am in dire need. I used to work in an NGO. Apart from that, I bought some yards of cloth myself and sold it by ferry in the neighborhood. But the Aspan storm ruined everything for me. I lost my way. Then Mahbub of Tahura Aziz Foundation listened to me and bought me clothes for 5 thousand rupees to start a new business. Through this I am dreaming of a new life. Similarly, Bhulu’s wife Asura Khatun of Masum Bazar Khan Para mahalla of Pabna Municipal Sadar has also been given clothes worth Tk 5,000 to do business.

Lucky Khatun, wife of Afzal Hossain of Shibrampur mahalla, said that her husband’s single income did not make the family run smoothly. So if I work a little and earn some money, then the world will run a little better. So after telling Mahbub Bhai, he bought a sewing machine. That’s how I started working. Faruk Ahmed, son of late SK Ahmed of Balrampur village in Sadar upazila, said he used to run his family by selling vegetables in a van in the neighborhood. Earnings stopped recently as the van broke down. On learning the matter, Mahbub Bhai bought him a van. With that I am now starting to earn income again. Besides, a pair of goats has been given to Firoza Khatun, wife of Mohidul Islam of Jorbangla area of ​​the city and Sumi Khatun, wife of Kamal Hossain of Kalachandpara mahalla. So that they can earn a little extra income through this.

Dewan Mahbub, the founding executive director of the foundation, said, “We are doing this service with the financial support of my friends and the wealthy people of the society.”

Dewan Mahbub added that many middle class people will not be able to make sacrifices on the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha due to the Corona situation. They can’t even ask anyone for sacrificial meat. Thinking about them. For this he called on the rich people of the society to sacrifice a part of seven thousand rupees or a cow worth 50 thousand rupees, so we will sacrifice that meat in their name and go to the houses of middle class people and bring it secretly.

Regarding future plans, Dewan Mahbub said, “In the first phase, we will provide employment to one thousand people in Sadar upazila.” If successful, it will provide employment to 8,000 more people in the remaining eight upazilas of the district in phases. In this way, Pabna district will be known as a model of self-employment in Bangladesh. At the same time, the economic situation of the district will change.

Shishir Islam, the organization’s public relations director and volunteer, said, “I feel a different kind of peace of mind working for people.” That’s why running. At present we do not receive any government assistance. This multi-faceted program will be better implemented if government support is available. He called upon all to extend a hand of cooperation.