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Germany among the top 5 unsecured databases

According to NordPass research, the Internet is full of exposed databases and Germany ranks fourth. Germany is among the top 5 countries with the most unsecured databases. (Those: nordpass.com) 361 unsecured databases with 248,252,244 entries were found, including personal data ...

Aid for retailers: just digitization is not enough

Minister of Economics Altmaier's idea of ​​supporting retail is in principle correct. However, inner cities worth living in need more than consumption. City centers are not just places of consumption - and shouldn't either Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa Lockdown, ...

Winners are made in the crisis

The corona crisis has led to a boom in the consulting industry. Companies are increasingly relying on the knowledge of experts to become more independent and cost-effective.Germany is one of the largest consulting markets in the world and this should ...

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