Swiss politicians go on business trips by train to reduce harmful emissions

Photo-ilustracija: Unsplash (Xavier von Erlach)

From July 1, representatives of the Swiss authorities will go on business trips exclusively by train when it comes to destinations that can be reached from the capital Bern in six hours or less, such as Paris, Luxembourg and Florence.

The decision is an integral part of the Swiss Air Transport Action Plan, adopted in December last year. The package of regulations within this document is dedicated to environmental protection.

One of the ambitious goals that the Swiss government is striving to achieve is to reduce the production of carbon dioxide in air transport by 30 percent. To achieve this, political officials will replace airplane seats with those on the train, especially when traveling for business purposes. According to them, the railway is a reliable way of transporting zero emissions.

The Swiss will strive to make the business of their federal administration climate-neutral in the next ten years. Greenhouse gas production should be reduced by 50 percent compared to the amount released in 2006.

When traveling by plane, Swiss political officials will use only economy class.

Jelena Kozbašić