Swapfiets: long-term bike rental service in Milan

Swapfiets: long-term bike rental service arriving in Milan

Image source: Press release

A monthly pass will allow you to have a bicycle at your complete and exclusive disposal with the relative assistance service.

Swapfiets is the first company in the world of “Bicycle service”. Founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, the scale-up has developed rapidly becoming one of the leading micro mobility providers in Europe with a total of over 200,000 users among Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark in June 2020. Today also arrives in Milan with a service that will surely please those who, after the lockdown, are quickly returning to life.

The service follows the “modello Netflix”, now entered into the habits of the Italians: at the cost of a monthly subscription you have a vehicle for your own exclusive use that does not require any maintenance. In case of technical problems Swapfiets guarantees a rapid intervention, possibly the replacement of the vehicle, directly at the subscriber and within 48 hours from the report. Initially in Milan the bike models available will be the “Deluxe 7”, then the typical Hollandbike “Original”, the “Power 7” e-Bike, as well as the small, flexible and foldable “e-Kick” scooter will arrive.

Marc van Pappelendam, Managing Director of Swapfiets, said:

At Swapfiets we believe that making cities more liveable and healthy for millions of people is also possible through the proposal of new subscription mobility solutions and services. Our company continues to innovate and always improve the products, services and experiences offered in order to allow all our users to continue moving in a simple and sustainable way. “