Svetislav Pešić: The first half is a recipe for how I want us to play 1

With the game in the first half, Serbian basketball players were candidates for winning a medal at the upcoming European Championship, however, by giving up a 21-point advantage, they reminded the coach Svetislav Pešić’s observation that they are still in the process of creating a game system and looking for form. Nevertheless, with the victory in Turkey (72:79), the basketball players of Serbia capitalized on the victory over Greece and got closer to the goal – a place at the Mundobakset.

It seemed that the second half at the Sinan Erdem Arena would be like a theater atmosphere. The Serbian basketball players were leading with a difference of about twenty points, they seemed playful and dominant, however, from the 23rd minute, it was as if they suddenly turned to a cafe and forgot about their primary duties.

“I congratulate the team on the victory, a very important triumph. It is also very important how we played in the first half, because that is the recipe for how we want to play at the Eurobasket. Excellent in defense, the best so far, very smart in attack. This is not a surprise for me, I know that we have talent in attack, now we have to repeat these kinds of plays in defense in the next matches”, coach Pešić was clear after Serbia’s second victory and maximum performance in the August “window”.

In the second 20 minutes, defensively, Serbia had problems with Cedi Osman and Furkan Korkmaz, but also with Turkey’s game in transition and solutions in the early phase of the attack.

“In the second half, the reason we lost our rhythm was the Turkish team. They took risks, they played very aggressively, on the verge of fouls. I can’t say that every contact was a foul, but they were very aggressive. This is the reason why we lost control of the game, in the end maybe it’s not bad that everything played out like this, because now we have the European Championship coming up. It is very important that we came back, we showed not only character, but a winning mentality and in the final five minutes of the game we managed to recover our game and show what we wanted.”

The Serbian expedition returns to Belgrade on Monday and leaves for Prague three days later. We will play the first match at the European Championship on Friday at 21:00 against the Netherlands.

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