Surgeon madness with Surgeon Simulator 2

British studios Bossa Studios last week unveiled a new, surgical trailer for their upcoming game: Surgeon Simulator 2.

It looks like the buzz will continue with this sequel, but at levels dangerously close to insanity.

Bossa Studios are back with their crazy Surgeon Simulator, the game that tries to simulate everything but the professional life of a surgeon.

It is, as you may have already noticed, a comic game (very much in the wave of Two Point Hospital) and it should be seen as that: a parody.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is the second game in the series and promises even more insanity than the first game. As the creators characterize it, it is an operations simulator “100% medically-inaccurate operation sim“.

According to Bossa Studios, this sequel corresponds to a huge evolution compared to the original game, which was released in 2013. Surgery remains the central aspect of the game and madness too.

One of the main advantages of this sequel is related to greater freedom given to the player. Instead of players being limited to controlling only the surgeon’s hands during operations, the game now allows for much greater freedom of movement and exploration.

This is because Surgeon Simulator 2 presents a first-person perspective which allows the player to discover their own facilities and thus get more new ideas on how to proceed with the operations.

But more! Surgeon Simulator 2 will support cooperative play for up to 4 players so the operating room will never be the same. Not even patients …

A Creation Mode was also included in the game, providing players with simple and intuitive tools that will allow the creation of the best (or not !?) operating room on the planet.

The new trailer now revealed and which you can see above, shows a bit of this complete insanity that the player will encounter in Surgeon Simulator 2.

The game will be released later this year but with no specific date announced.