Sun, sea, sand: how to protect your hair in summer

Our hair is often more fragile in this season than the rest of the year. Our advice to protect them from the sun and keep them vigorous and shiny all summer.

Like the skin, hair should be well protected in summer. Sun first. Its rays associated with the wind weaken the keratin and dry the hair fiber. UV oxidizes melanin which lightens hair.

Salt and sand don’t help. Their crystal structure can cause mechanical abrasion of the hair and lift the scales. A bit like swimming pool water and chlorine which have the effect of squarely breaking the hair scales. Result? “The hair is duller, rougher and drier to the touch, difficult to comb. The scales are damaged, the hair is more porous and the forks appear”, explains Céciel Levêque, expert hair scientist Timotei. The most to be complained about are the colored hair. Without protection, “UV degrades the pigments and the hair becomes drier and more porous, it retains the color less well”.

The right actions to put your hair under protection

Since we don’t want to look like a scarecrow, we adopt these few beauty gestures:

  • We wear a hat the time of exposure to the sun to protect the keratin and melanin from the fiber, which is severely tested in summer.
  • We avoid getting our hair wet when swimming in seawater and swimming pool, because wet hair is more fragile. Not obvious when you are at sea, you say … So we lift them up or tie them up to have as little contact as possible with the water.
  • We dry our wet hair by dabbing them gently with a towel so as not to damage them.

To protect your long hair: you protect the ends which tend to dry out by hiding them in a button or by making simple braids. We forget the too tight bars and rubber bands, which easily break the fiber.

Shampoo, conditioner, mask, the winning trio

In terms of care, each type of hair has its beauty ritual.

  • The beauty asset of curly hair for summer begins with a nourishing mask with shea butter for example.
  • Colored hair will use hair mists in a special spray for colored hair during sun exposure to spray every two or three baths, from roots to ends. This will protect the pigments from UV rays.
  • Semi-long and long hair can also protect their hair from the sun by braiding it and covering it with palm oil.

Whatever the type of hair, there is still an unstoppable trick: “Before swimming or exposure to the sun, it is advisable to use a hair mask conditioner. The mask, ultra rich in care agents , will allow the scales to be closed tightly and sheathed the fiber to provide the hair with the care and protection necessary to cope with future aggressions “, advises our expert.

And after swimming? Salt, sand or chlorine residue is removed by using a mild shampoo, conditioner and mask. This combination helps nourish, repair and maintain the shine of our hair.

Thanks to Cécile Levêque, Timotei hair expert.

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