Summer 2020 in Serbia and Republika Srpska: In the Footsteps of Sindjelic

archive of PE STC Nature Center Svilajnac

When the Svilajnac Nature Center was opened with the first dinosaur replicas in this area, those who were unknown to it until then heard about this city in central Serbia.

However, few people still know that Duke Stevan Sindjelic was born in that area, Karadjordjev’s main man of trust and one of the organizers of the First Serbian Uprising. In Svilajnac, a town first mentioned in 1467 in a Turkish census, and in the surrounding villages, much is in the name of the honorable duke: the street and the monument in Svilajnac, the primary school in the village of Vojska (where he was born), the house in Grabovac lived) as well as the event with the longest tradition in the city “Sindjelic’s days”. However, in the last five years, since the opening of the Nature Center, Svilajnac has got a brand – a museum, which can stand side by side with related institutions around the world without fear. And not to be ashamed of any issue, it looks so good.

– We are most proud of the Natural History Center of Serbia in Svilajnac, with the construction of which our municipality has taken a leading position in scientific tourism. The center explains and presents topics from the field of natural sciences in a unique way, and there are eight permanent exhibits within the museum part. An exhibition located in Dino Park with more than 30 life-size replicas is reserved for rest and relaxation – they point out in the PE STC Nature Center Svilajnac and add that all their visitors can rent bicycles for touring the city for free. In addition to the Nature Center, the city, named after the silkworm that was raised there, bases its tourist offer on historical monuments, manifestations and religious buildings. In addition to the Museum Night and several festivals dedicated to animals, there are also the Summer Fair, Goulash Festival, theater and music festival, sports events.

White carnival

The most important manifestations, which preserve the tradition and customs of this area, are the carnival masquerade or the White Carnival and Todor’s Saturday. White carnivals, a day for forgiveness of quarrels and insults and for merriment, in recent years have grown into a unique city carnival in masks in Svilajnac. The glory of horsemen, Todor’s Saturday, is especially interesting for children, because it is marked by a parade of horses, riders and carriages.

Resavska Sveta Gora

Near Svilajnac is the so-called Resava Holy Mountain with many monasteries and churches on the banks of the Velika Morava and Resava. There used to be 12 of these endowments, but several monasteries have been preserved to this day: Miljkov, Zlatenac, Tomić, Dobreš, Prečiste Bogorodice and Crkva polubrvnara.

The duke’s house

The house in Grabovac was built at the beginning of the 9th century in the Moravian style. The exterior is authentic, while the interior contains photographs and exhibits.

Battle over battles

Military leader Stevan Sindjelic was born in 1770 in the village of Vojska, from where he moved to Grabovac. According to legend, Karadjordj agreed with him about the beginning of the First Serbian Uprising, during which Sindjelic received the title of duke. He died on May 31, 1809, famously in the battle of Čegra. In order to prevent the penetration of the Turks, who had previously killed most of Sindjelic’s army, the duke, so that he would not fall alive into their hands, fired from a holster full of barrels of gunpowder and thus ended the battle. After the battle, about 16,000 Turks and 4,000 Serbs lay on Cegra.

For lunch with dinosaurs

The permanent exhibition of the Center consists of exhibitions: animals of Africa, Geological Time Machine, Biodiversity of Serbia, Celestial Stones, Paleontology, World of Minerals and Rocks, World of Dinosaurs and Witnesses of the Ice Age. In the new season, several exhibitions have been supplemented with exhibits. There is also a restaurant within the Center, within which there is a Dino lunch package.


Prices for overnight stays in Svilajnac range from 1,800 to 4,000 dinars (15-34 euros) per person.

How to get there

Coordinates: 44 ° 13’28 “N 21 ° 11’30“ E

Horgos – Svilajnac 308 km

Batrovci – Svilajnac 227 km

Belgrade – Svilajnac 111 km (highway E-35)

Monday: The place where the Tisza blooms