Stylus by Puma and Selena Gomez – LUXURYMAG

In December, she saw the light of day in the third collection created by the cooperation of the world giant in the field of sportswear Puma and singers Selena Gomez. Like their previous deeds, this September is self-confident and will be an ideal choice for all kinds of leisure activities in the winter.

Puma x Selena Gomez

In many ways, the duo’s latest collection is similar to the previous ones. Selena was primarily concerned with making the collection comfortable, but at the same time she was able to dazzle with her taste and style. Of course, there is a choice of quality and comfortable materials that are reflected in both the shoes and the clothing itself. “I wanted the collection to have character.” says the young singer. With the German brand Puma, they focused on pieces that seem to have fallen out of the high school gym. At the same time, Selena also projected a large piece of herself into the collection, as she herself is looking for more neutral tones, comfort and universal pieces.

Take a look at the library

Campaign for the collection Puma x Selena Gomez brings us to the environment of the library, where the singer poses at full shelves. The photos themselves are supposed to show the easy carrying and combinability of individual pieces, which was the main goal of the creators. That’s why the collection includes transformed popular pieces from the Puma brand, such as the SG Quilted Runner shoes or the iconic CALI in subtle beige tones. There are also sports leggings, trendy crop sweatshirts with graphic details and a number of accessories, such as hats or backpacks.
“I was already thinking about promo photos, how to ensure that outfits are as easy as possible for others to transform? How to add as much versatility as possible to combinations? ” the singer confides in her thoughts. So the key was that the individual pieces did not require much thinking and were adapted to be comfortable to wear. And that seems to have worked. Do you feel the same? Then buy the collection at and at the Urban Store.

Photo: Puma