Students organized Covid-19 parties, betting on who was the first to be contaminated

During an evening (Illustration) // V. WARTNER / 20 MINUTES – V. WARTNER / 20 MINUTES

Unbridled beer pong evenings could pass for a meeting of wise children. Students from the university city of Tuscaloosa, in Alabama, had the idea of ​​organizing Covid-19 parties to infect each other deliberately.

This was indicated by Sonya McKinstry, a member of the municipal council of the commune at ABC News. The principle is quite simple: positive people were invited to parties, participants then had to bet on who would have symptoms first.

City fire chief Randy Smith first reported this practice at a meeting. At first he thought it was a rumor, it was so big. “Not only did the doctor’s offices help confirm this, but the state confirmed that they had the same information,” he said.

Conviction of authorities

What cause the indignation of local authorities when the state of Alabama is facing a surge in hospitalizations, a near-shortage of beds in intensive care and accounts for more than 38,000 cases of coronavirus and 947 deaths.

“It does not mean anything. They put money in a pot … And the first to have the Covid wins it, “said Sonya McKinstry, annoyed, interviewed by ABC News. The elected representative wonders how people can intentionally participate in the spread of the pandemic when the authorities try to curb it.

What the University of Alabama had done in early March by canceling its necks in person. In the event of positive tests, the inhabitants must be placed in quarantine, and if they derogate therefrom they can face a fine of up to 500 dollars.