Strawberry bites cholesterol Good health

There are many clinical studies on strawberries, mostly with lyophilized strawberry powder. According to them, those who ate strawberry powder daily for several weeks were measured to have lower cholesterol levels.

So-called meal studies have also been performed on strawberries, in which strawberries have been ingested with a meal rich in fat or carbohydrates. In them, strawberry has improved blood fat values ​​and reduced fat oxidation.

In a few studies, strawberry has also reduced the rise in insulin levels and curbed postprandial inflammation. In other words, reduced the risk of diabetes.

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In addition, strawberry has improved memory and cognitive abilities in aging rats. According to one study, people who ate strawberries at least twice a week had better cognitive abilities than those who ate less strawberries.

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IN BERRY POWDER, the berry ingredients are in a concentrated form, as they have been dehydrated. On the other hand, the most sensitive substances may then be destroyed.

Expert: Riitta Törrönen, docent, University of Eastern Finland.

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