Stohl Luca loves pizza, yet her shape is flawless

Luca Stohl has always lived and died for sports, but András Stohl’s daughter does not despise delicious snacks, but her figure is still perfect.

Luca Stohl is very lucky to be the envy of it: it doesn’t matter how much pizza is on the wall, yet its shape remains perfect. Luca has been playing sports and dancing regularly since she was a girl, thanks to her flawless figure.

We talk to Szilvi about the beneficial effects of yoga, of course, the practice could not be missed either @szilviavarga thank you for the watch! ”Wrote Luca, who looks fantastic.

Who, in addition to sports, also draws attention to the health of the soul.

“I’ve received a lot of hurtful messages and comments in recent years. In vain did I tell myself I didn’t care, many times I chewed on them for hours, or worse for days.
• Luckily, I started talking about these with my family and friends, so I came up with the solution of not letting others decide what day I should be, I wouldn’t let these messages break. • Please share it with someone if you are hurt! ” Luca Stohl wrote.

(cover photo: Stohl Luca / Instagram)