Stockholm maps the development of the corona virus

The coronavirus has gained a foothold both in special housing and in the community as a whole in several of the areas in Stockholm that have been most severely affected by the infection. But there are exceptions, a recent report from the county council shows.

In the areas of Sköndal, Tensta and Akalla, which have all been severely affected by the corona virus, the infection has affected both special housing and society in general. In the Rinkeby and Husby areas, however, special housing has not been affected by the corona virus, but mortality is still high, the report shows, which is the first of several to come from the Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine (CES).

“Our report shows that some of the worst affected areas have not been infected by special housing, which is quite remarkable,” said Anton Lager at CES in a press release.

The study also confirms that older people die to a greater extent than young people, which in the report has been found to be to a similar extent to most specific causes of death, including lower respiratory tract infections.

Although deaths would stop in the county, the disease would in all likelihood become the most common cause of death in the county in 2020, according to the report. To date, 2,337 people with coronary disease have been confirmed dead in Stockholm County.

The purpose of describing how covid-19 has developed is to identify the effects of the pandemic on the population and clarify the need for care.