Stewards rejected Red Bull protest

Stewards of the Austrian Grand Prix rejected the protest of Red Bull Racing. The DAS steering system used by Mercedes is recognized to be compliant.

Red Bull Racing suggested a possible violation by rivals of the technical regulations, in particular, Article 3.8, which prohibits the mobility of aerodynamic elements, and Article 10.2.3, which states that “no suspension system can be regulated while driving.”

After a meeting of stewards with the participation of team members (in person or by video) and the head of the FIA ​​technical department Nicholas Tombasis, it was found that the DAS is part of the Mercedes W11 steering system, albeit an unusual one. The stewards decided that DAS could not violate any rules related to aerodynamics and suspension.

When developing the system, Mercedes turned to the FIA ​​with a request to confirm the legality of the decision, which was done then and confirmed now.

The stewards’ solution allows Mercedes to use DAS during the season. The parties have the right to appeal the decision of the stewards in the prescribed manner.