Status Brand Events creates business area focused on children’s target – Meios & Publicidade

Status Kids, a business area that will dedicate itself exclusively to projects aimed at children, is the new bet of the event organization and brand activation agency Status Brand Events. Led by Susana Zuzarte, a professional who worked on the Disney channel and was linked, through Lemon, to projects such as the Panda Festival, this new business area is positioned in the market with the objective of “responding to the needs and expectations of brands to involve this young consumer affectionately with the desired product and always with the fulfillment of all communication laws related to the child target ”.

The services provided by Status Kids range from “creating, managing and implementing communication strategies aimed at children, online and offline” to organizing events or special projects aimed at this target, including design “to create graphic concepts of brands or packaging of products dedicated to this segment and “brand activation based on the emotional reactions of children and young people”.

People have changed their behavior in relation to the communication of brands and products, today they do not only want to hear and see new products, but interact with the brands around them. The child target is, without a doubt, the one who most enjoys experiencing the experience with new products, so we decided to develop this new area ”, justifies Pepe Moura, founder of Status Brand Events.

Susana Zuzarte, who assumes the coordination of Status Kids, is responsible for “supporting Status in the creation of integrated strategies, aimed at the child target, and also leading its implementation within this new area”. The professional, who has three decades of experience in the area of ​​family entertainment, started her career on the Disney channel, later taking on the position of marketing manager for Lemon, the company responsible for special projects for the Panda channel, including the organization of the Panda Festival or children’s shows with characters from the channel like Masha and the Bear.