Stanojevic: Suma does not respect Partizan 1Photo: Miroslav Todorovic Tosa / STARSPORT

Partizan coach Aleksandar Stanojevic said that the black-and-white football player Sejdub Suma voluntarily traveled to Guinea for the World Cup qualification match between the national teams of this African country and Morocco.

Stanojevic added that the injury that the Partizan midfielder earned in the Conference League match against Santa Clara during his stay in Guinea was further complicated.

“Suma was injured in the match with Santa Clara and he asked for a change in the 20th minute. Our medical team determined the injury and sent the documentation to the Football Association of Guinea. Suma was not supposed to travel, but he did it on his own and only made the injury worse. He didn’t respect the club and got us all in trouble. He was here, given the task of treatment, under the treatment of our doctors. “

The coach of Partizan believes that Suma does not respect the club he has been playing for since 2017, when he came from Košice, Slovakia.

“He must understand that Partizan is a great club and respect it as an institution. Especially since he gave it his all. He is back, but I don’t know when I will be able to count on him again. “

Guinea was scheduled to play a World Cup qualifier against Morocco on Sunday, but a coup attempt took place in that African country.

The borders have been closed, air transport has been suspended, but they have Suma and 11 other members of the national team who play in European clubs have left the country thanks to the intervention of Liverpool, who organized an evacuation for their player Nabi Keita.