Spotify Premium Duo now available in Spain

Spotify Premium Duo

In March of last year, Spotify launched a new subscription modality called Spotify Premium Duo in some countries. As its name indicates, this modality is oriented to families made up of two people who live in the same house. This allows them to enjoy independent playlists without having to pay for the family plan.

When it was presented last year, Spain was not among the selected countries. But now, the modality Spotify Premium Duo is now available in Spain for 12.99 euros per month. In addition to Spain, it has also reached 53 other countries, so it seems that after the trial period, this option has been very successful in the market.

This payment method of Spotify, which is added to the individual plan, the family plan and the free plan with ads, adds a new exclusive playlist of this plan called Duo Mix, a playlist that is generated automatically combining the musical tastes of both users. One of the terms that must be met to be able to opt for this new modality is that both people reside in the same direction.

Spotify Premium Duo offers us the same advantages that we can already enjoy in the payment plans such as the possibility of downloading content on our device, enjoying our favorite music without advertising interruptions, skipping songs without limits.

When registering, if both users already have a free or paid account on Spotify, they will both keep all the playlists that they have right now on the platform, so it is not necessary to start from scratch so that Spotify knows us again to know what our tastes are. This new payment method, we can cancel it whenever we want since it does not have any permanence period.