Sore throat: 7 fast and effective natural remedies

Sore throat: the 7 most effective natural remedies to eliminate it

The sore throat it is a very common annoyance, which can however be treated with natural healing and emollient remedies. It is a problem that occurs for various reasons and without making discounts among the population. However, there are people more prone to suffer from this disease, usually those with a weakened immune system, as well as smokers and frequent alcohol users.

To all intents and purposes it is an inflammatory state that affects the larynx o la pharynx. Typical signs of this problem are redness, pain, irritation and in some cases difficulty swallowing.

Sore throat, the causes

This is generally inflammation caused by a pathogen, which can be either of nature bacterial that viral. Triggering factors can be for example:

  • Bad use of air conditioning;
  • Sudden transition from very cold to hot environments;
  • Cold or flu.

In all these cases, the immune system plays a role in whether or not the problem progresses. If weakened it can offer an unsafe defense against viruses and bacteria, favoring the flare-up of theinflammation.

As a symptom, sore throat has also been associated with Covid-19. Other possible indications in this regard were dry and persistent cough, very high fever and the onset of important breathing difficulties.

How to tell if a sore throat is viral or bacterial?

The viral sore throat it is usually the least invasive and tends to disappear in about 4 days. It brings with it a few tenths of a fever, sometimes a dry or oily cough and red eyes (if you have a cold syndrome).

We talk about bacterial sore throat when you are faced with symptoms of greater entity such as higher fever, swelling in the throat, plaques and severe redness of the part. Other symptoms such as excessive mucus production, headaches and loss of appetite may also occur. In these cases the infection is often due to a Streptococcal attack and antibiotic therapy may be required.

When should a sore throat worry?

Normally a sore throat is not one pathology particularly serious and worrying. However, there are some cases for which it is better to consult your doctor quickly.

For example, if i symptoms they can be associated with bacterial causes, or if they tend to last beyond the aforementioned 4 days, it is important to ask for a consultation. Attention also to those ailments that persist despite taking specific natural remedies. In these cases, referral to a doctor is always recommended.

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Sore throat, natural remedies

What to do when you have a sore throat? In almost all cases, excluding for example that of Covid, sore throats can also be treated only with i natural remedies. As it is useful to remember, in case of doubt, before taking any solution or treatment it is advisable to contact your doctor.

This will be able to provide information on the seriousness of the problem and the possibility or not of excluding the treatment pharmacological. It will also be useful to exclude possible allergies or interactions between the natural remedies identified and any medicines taken. Below we list the 7 most effective natural remedies, also useful for treating air conditioning sore throat.


Let’s see immediately the first recommended natural remedy to combat this nuisance. This is the cinnamon, widely used as an ingredient for the preparation of desserts and infusions. In this case we find it in a more “healthy” guise.

Consuming a tea flavored with cinnamon is a good way to take advantage of it healing properties. As practical and rather pleasant as it is, this is not the most effective way to combat ailments naked.

Even more useful it turns out to add a teaspoon of cinnamon into small pieces to a glass of water, then bring to a boil. When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and leave to cool. As soon as it will be drinkable filter, add a pinch of black pepper and two teaspoons of miele. It will probably not be as pleasant as a tea, but the effectiveness will be amazing.


Going back to talking about infusions, how can we not mention an aromatic plant with known healing properties, the timo. Considered an excellent disinfectant, this solution can be used in the form of capsules, syrups, essential oils and herbal teas.

The latter are confirmed as a valid way, as well as pleasant, to counteract a sore throat. They can be consumed up to 3-4 times a day. Preparing the thyme tea is very simple:

  • Boil a cup of water (about 250 ml);
  • When it boils, turn off and add a teaspoon of thyme leaves and flowers;
  • Leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes;
  • Filter and consume as soon as drinkable.

Honey and propolis

How to forget the miele and the tincture of propolis, two very effective natural solutions against this problem. In addition to acting as natural energizers, the two remedies soothe the discomfort and redness of a sore throat. All this while adding a calming effect in case of cough.

Particular varieties such as the honey of Manuka o di creeping they offer healing and antiviral properties also recognized by some scientific studies. For propolis, on the other hand, we speak of antibacterial and immunostimulating action. The combination of three drops of propolis tincture combined with a teaspoon of honey is effective.


Those who love or otherwise manage to tolerate the slightly sour taste of lemon will have the opportunity to take advantage of an important natural remedy for sore throat. Just add the juice of two squeezed citrus fruits to a glass of water, repeating up to four times a day. To sweeten the taste, a little honey, perhaps eucalyptus, can be added in order to exploit its balsamic properties.

A teaspoon of eucalyptus honey it can be combined with the juice of a lemon to prepare a beneficial compound. Mix them together and consume one teaspoon every three hours.

Lemon oil

An easy way to use thelemon oil against the throat problem is to resort to an infusion. Either by adding three drops of oil to a cup of boiling water, or by adding the same amount to a mint and eucalyptus herbal tea.

This oil can be used (3 drops) to replace lemon juice in the Preparation described in the previous section dedicated to citrus.

Ginger and cinnamon herbal tea
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With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, it ginger it can be used against sore throats as a fresh product or in the form of an infusion. In the first case it will be sufficient to chew a few pieces or flakes of fresh root (avoid the dried one).

To take advantage of this natural remedy like infusion take 3-4 centimeters of fresh root and let it simmer for 5 minutes in water, keeping the stove on over low heat. To combine it with cinnamon it will be sufficient to add a centimeter of bark to the water, extending the infusion up to about 8 minutes.


The licorice it is a remedy capable of intervening effectively on inflammation. Just chew a piece of natural root to get the precious benefits. But be careful not to overdo the consumption, as this food also has a laxative and hypertensive effect (increases blood pressure). Solution to be excluded for hypertensive subjects.

Natural remedies for children

Honey and propolis are part of the natural remedies for sore throats for both adults and children children. To these are added:

  • Yogurt, preferably with live lactic ferments, which will help strengthen the immune system by stimulating the intestinal bacterial flora; also useful to better tolerate any antibiotic therapy.
  • Suffumigi, to be carried out with the addition of a few drops of eucalyptus or thyme essential oil.
  • Herbal teas, generally well tolerated, but about which it will be advisable to consult the pediatrician.

Honey and ginger teas are also great for sore throat in pregnancy, as they are considered safe remedies. On the other hand, propolis should be avoided, on whose safety in gestation and breastfeeding there are conflicting opinions. If in doubt, it is better to rely on something different.

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