The Cupertino firm, like the rest of the technology firms in the world, has been researching and working for a long time on projects related to batteries. On this occasion the head of projects and development of batteries of the company Soonho Ahn, has just announce your departure to the well-known Volkswagen brand of vehicles.

Ahn joined Apple as Global Head of Battery Development three years ago, in December 2018 and at that time this executive held a position of vice president at Samsung SDI, precisely developing batteries.

In the profile of Linkedin Ahn’s exit is clearly indicated. In this case, we can think that the Volkswagen project is a little more advanced than Apple itself regarding batteries for electric cars. Although it is true that we have been talking about this for a few years and its possible development, it is more likely that the project of the car company will be more interesting for Ahn and his work. We are left wondering whether or not he worked on a battery project for electric cars with Apple, surely yes…

The German car firm itself confirmed the entry of this executive to improve and advance these projects together with the search for other experts in these technologies from firms such as BMW. These types of movements serve to improve the technologies related to batteries in all aspects, although we imagine that they will have confidentiality contracts so as not to “disclose” depends on what information to the competition. In any case the important thing is to move forward to improve these electric cars that are already the present.