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The family of the mouse falcon has been nesting on the balcony of Jaroslav Ševčík from Považská Bystrica for seven years. This year, the falcon’s mother in the nest also attached a small chicken.

Heavy rains did not allow parents to supply enough food to the five cubs – Medard, Rudek, Margaret, Zlatka and Gojk. “All animals, including young, depend on the conditions in which they live, their food, their weather, their predators. It also has an effect on a certain selective selection, most of them are experienced by the fittest, “explains Ševčík.

It rained steadily and continuously, the ground got wet and the mice and the voles hunted by the falcons were heated by water. “The lack of food went so far that two cubs were in danger of death,” Ševčík continues. Their three siblings were born a little earlier, were bigger and stronger, and the smaller ones did not receive as much food as they needed.

Jaroslav Ševčík experienced a surprise when he saw ...

Jaroslav Ševčík experienced a surprise when he looked into the nest of falcons and noticed a chicken there, which was to serve as their food. Sokolia’s mother decided to adopt him.

Ševčík decided to help the falcon family. “Friends have a chicken farm. They keep chickens and some are simply not suitable for breeding. They are weak, somehow damaged, and would simply end up in a rendering plant. So for two or three days during the rains, I fed the falcons with chickens, “says Ševčík.

He laid the small chickens so that the female could find them, catch them and transfer the dead to the nest to feed them the young. Everything seemed to be as it should be. “One day, however, I heard a sound from the nest that did not belong to the falcon, but resembled the chirping of a chicken. Only when I watched more closely what was happening in the nest, I noticed six small birds – five siblings and one chicken, “Ševčík describes his surprise.

However, the small chicken, which was supposed to end up in the stomachs of the falcons, ended up as an adopted sibling. “The falcon did not kill this one, it transferred it to the nest and took it as its young,” explains Ševčík. The chicken was about as big as the falcons, and Mom took care of all the petting the same. When she flew for food, Ševčík took the chicken from the nest and was given a chance to live in the yard. “She can tell her peers what he’s experienced. Maybe there will be a legend about a falcon chicken, “adds Ševčík with a laugh.

Birds help each other normally

Ornithologist Vladimír Slobodník explains that sensitive behavior and help to a completely different species than in the human kingdom is much more often visible in the animal kingdom. “It is much more common in birds than in humans to accept species that are not related to them or are very unrelated,” he warns. He argues with an example that they brought white-eyed beetles into the nest of gray flycatchers, which fell out of the nest. “The parents raised all the young, after two weeks all the flycatchers and two white-tailed deer flew out of the nest,” says Slobodník. He adds that while observing birdhouses, he found that the same species can help each other quite normally.

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