I mean, Russian photographer Makorov left the trail designated for tourists and shot breathtaking photos from an illegal location. He and his friends climbed one of Egypt’s great pyramids and showed the view from a unique perspective at dusk.

The large pyramids are usually seen from the city, with the desert in the background. They do not even show how close the city of Giza is, the lights of modern cities practically flood the horizon, today more than 3.5 million people live in the shadow of the pyramids. The Giza area can practically be considered one of the suburbs of Cairo, one of the largest megacities in the world with 22 million inhabitants.

The reckless Russians had to snuggle up to take the pictures, because Raskalov said that if they saw them, they would have faced one to three years in prison. The Russian photographer takes the pictures to your own side the post said. “What we saw from above was the seventh wonder of the world, we tried to capture the panorama so that others could enjoy it,” Makorov enthused at the time, but later had to apologize because many resented climbing the ancient monument.

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