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On those days of the holidays when it is raining, entertain your kids in a very unusual way. Together, create a small edible garden that the little ones will have fun with for hours.

We found this great idea at Trueaimeducation blog.

When it comes to planting and growing plants, children are very impatient and lose interest in projects like this before the plants sprout, and that is why this edible garden is a great solution because the first results will be seen after only two weeks.

To find, find a shallow but wide container, get plastic toys that will stand in the garden, kitchen towels and seeds. Now, when it comes to seeds, choose the one that germinates the fastest, and our recommendation is mustard, watercress, peas, chickpeas, sunflower, broccoli, lentils…


Coat a shallow dish with several layers of kitchen towels, then have the child place all his plastic animals that this garden will be home to. Then pour the seeds on the napkins and pour water, just as much as the napkins can soak up and leave to germinate.


Let the child have the task to check every day whether the napkins are wet and whether it is necessary to add more water. Just be careful not to add too much water, the seeds should never be soaked. The first sprouts will appear very soon, and your child will surely be delighted.