Slovenia tightens measures on border with Croatia, removes it from “green list”


Slovenian Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs confirmed that Slovenia has been lowering Croatia from the “green” to the “yellow list” of epidemiologically less secure countries since midnight, which tightens the control when entering Slovenia.

As he said, this was done because of the worsening of the epidemiological picture in Croatia, but primarily because of Slovenian citizens or those with permanent residence in Slovenia who lied to Slovenian officials when returning to Slovenia.

– Every transition of a country from the “green” to the “yellow” list and vice versa is related to a specific epidemiological situation – said Hoys, adding that Croatia has already passed the criterion of 10 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per day for a period of 14 days.

For transit through Slovenia without stopping, those who come from destinations from the “yellow” list, as a rule, should have a Covid-19 negative test result, and not older than 36 hours. Passengers arriving from countries on the “red list” are subject to quarantine.

The regime was tightened primarily because some Slovenian citizens stayed in Serbia, BiH, Kosovo or some other country from the “red list” of epidemiologically very risky countries before passing through Croatia, and they did not report it in order to avoid binding 14-day quarantine and so on. led to new infections in Slovenia, where a double-digit number of infections was recorded daily in the last week.

As a result, the regime for holders of Slovenian documents will be changed. From midnight between Friday and Saturday, if requested by the border police, when they come to the Slovenian border from Croatia, they must prove with documents or invoices that they stayed in Croatia and not at other destinations.

For those who stayed in the countries from the “red list”, only four border crossings will be opened, where they will be issued decisions on mandatory two-week quarantine, which will take effect immediately.

– The fine for violating the quarantine regulations is 400 to 600 euros, and in case it is determined that the infection has spread to other people in that way, there is a criminal penalty for such people – Hoys warned.