SLD spokeswoman on MPs Together: there is no crime – Politics

– The estate was not concealed. We will apply to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee for interpretation in writing – says deputy Anna Maria Żukowska from the Lewica club. This is the result of the publication of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ about the possible concealment of income by MPs Together.

In Friday’s “Rzeczpospolita” we wrote that four Members Together: Adrian Zandberg, Marcelina Zawisza, Maciej Konieczny and Paulina Matysiak could have concealed significant sums received from their party in asset declarations submitted at the beginning of the term. Each of them received around 200,000 last year. PLN, which they disclosed in the asset declarations, but only in those submitted for the whole of 2019.

Together she explained on Thursday that the deputies had transferred all the sums to the Left’s electoral fund. We wrote in Rzeczpospolita that we arrived at the list of payments to the SLD electoral fund in 2019. The register shows that not only MPs paid significant amounts, but also other board members Together who are not MPs: Konrad Mostek, Maciej Szlinder and Julia Zimmermann. Secondly, the names of the board members Together, including four deputies, appear in the register with different names. As we wrote, this could mean that they were transferring money to family members, asking them to donate to bypass the funding limits for individuals by the campaign.

We also emphasized that – according to the register – each deputy made payments from August to October, which means that they had money in the middle of the year. We added that they should disclose them in the first asset declaration made at the beginning of the term.

This interpretation of the Sejm regulations was in force for many years. The fact that in the first asset declaration made at the beginning of the term of office should disclose the income for the current year, for example, in 2008, left-wing deputy marshal Jerzy Szmajdziński. He referred to the case of Przemysław Gosiewski from the Law and Justice Party, just like today MPs Together accused of withholding income in the first asset declaration.

Anna Maria Żukowska says to Rzeczpospolita that according to the current interpretation of the Chancellery of the Sejm, the first asset declaration should include income for the previous year, i.e. in 2018 in this case. This is also the view of the “Remarks of the Deputies’ Ethics Committee”, which in this term went to MPs. – The regulations should actually be made more specific regarding the first statement, but there is no concealment or concealment. We will propose that the Deputies’ Ethics Committee be interpreted in writing – says Żukowska.