Sign up for a free ash seedling as part of the “Plant your tree” campaign!

For the sixth year in a row, the organization “Let’s do it Serbia” justifies its name and encourages the citizens of our country to share. Considering that we are in a specific health situation, this year we will not clean Serbia on their initiative, but we will green it.

Photo: Plant your tree

On the website “Plant your tree” you can sign up for free ash seedling which the courier service will deliver free of charge to your address in November. It is up to you, according to the attached instructions, to plant it and thus give your own contribution to the collective construction of bio-purifiers of air.

“Let’s do it Serbia” is planting in cooperation with the Green Development Center.

In a conversation with the president of “Let’s do it Serbia”, Predrag Ratić, we learned that they had carried out cleaning actions during the previous five years, but that they had to come up with something new. “Due to the epidemic, that idea was born. We are aware that there will be no mass gatherings and this is the only way for us to act as an environmental organization “, He revealed and added that already during the first 24 hours from the start of the action, the response of people was so huge that the site” fell “. Now it has been resolved, so apply for participation in afforestation HERE.

In addition to the participants in the planting itself, they are also looking for donors.

“Simply put, we want to teach every resident how to plant their own tree. In that way, they will watch the tree grow and thus appreciate every park and every forest more, “Ratić explained to us the motive for holding such an action.

“We all know that our planet is endangered! Knowing that we are not in a position to prevent catastrophes happening around the world, we decided to do what we can – to plant a million trees together with like-minded people. For now “, announced” Let’s do it Serbia “and the Green Development Center.

Will you support them?

Jelena Kozbašić