‘Shin Ji-min’s bothered’ Seo Min-kyung from AOA who went after Kwon Min-ah’s revelation “I looked like everyone at the time”

Photo = Yookyung Instagram capture

The post of AOA member Yoo Kyung (27, real name Seo Yoo-kyung, photo) posted on Social Network Service (SNS) on the 3rd. On this day, AOA former member Min-ah (27, real name Kwon Min-a) uploaded a number of posts and photos on Instagram on this day. “I prayed for self-harm and suicide in turn,” and it was posted shortly afterwards.

“To be honest, I looked all the same at the time,” Yoo Kyung said in an article posted with his photo of drinking cans.

Then, some of the song lyrics of the American rock band’Sleeping with tSirens’,’Leave it all behind’, were published in English and said, “Like the lyrics of the song I heard yesterday, I have to overcome it all again. I’ll do it.”

When interpreting the lyrics quoted by Yoo Kyung, “The eyes of the viewers are not forgotten. I want to get rid of the inner pain. But because of that, you will not leave your loved ones. So, let’s say’I’m okay’ until the day when a single light is visible.

Even if life is difficult, it is interpreted as a message to seek hope without making extreme choices.

It is a post about hope, but some netizens pointed out in comments by saying, “There is a derogatory factor for Kwon Min-a who complains of pain” in the saying that’all looked the same’.

Yu Kyung joined AOA in 2011 and was a member of the original year. In 2016, the contract with the company’s FNC expired, leaving AOA. Currently, he is focusing on producing his first solo album,’Y&Z PROJECT’.

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