Shattered Adam Hanga’s most beautiful dream

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Very close, it was really just an arm’s length from the coveted Spanish championship title from Adam Hanga. In Tuesday night’s final, Barcelona suffered a two-point defeat from the Basque Country, so the Hungarian national basketball player returns home in frustration, but this defeat also motivates him.

Barcelona or Real Madrid. When asked which team will win the twelve-team tournament that closes the Spanish Basketball Championship in Valencia, almost everyone gave that answer. It was a miracle in itself that after the interruption in March, after a long forced break, the most prestigious championship in Europe could be completed, of course under strict conditions, one of the most important of which was that the matches were held behind closed gates without spectators.

The twelve teams were split into two groups, and to the great surprise, Real Madrid did not survive this round, only finishing third and not reaching the semi-finals. However, the other high-chance Barcelona brought his matches with impressive confidence, thanks in large part to the great performance of the Hungarian national team Ádám Hanga, and made it to Tuesday night’s final against Baskonia. There, however, the paper form was overturned: in a close match, with a two-point basket that fell four seconds before the blowout, Baskonia won 69-67.

“I am very disappointed with this second place,” said Adam Hanga, whom we reached on the way home yesterday. “I felt like a little kid whose most beautiful dream had been shattered. I’ve been playing in Spain for nine years, I’ve spent the last three in Barcelona and I thought our time had come. We worked hard for success. Moreover, all in all, I have to say that we have a very good season behind us, we have done great in the Euroleague as well, it is a pity that it has been interrupted, but this is the decisive sad exception among the many positives. We had the championship title in our hands, but we didn’t grab it.

In the case of a two-point defeat, one may wonder for a long time what it may have been like. The last basket, for example, fell due to a defensive error, but obviously Nikola Mitrović, who was chosen as the best in the league, also scored a lot five minutes before the end of the match, but Ádám Hanga does not want to deal with this.

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Photo: MTI / EPA / Erdem Sahin

“Obviously a lot of little things can decide in such a fierce match, but I didn’t have time to analyze, and I don’t want to deal with that two days after the final. Truth be told, we wanted to fult so we could attack after the Baskonia criminals, but we didn’t, we got a basket and we only had four seconds left, which wasn’t enough for a built-up action. However, in this system of conduct, where a single match is decided, it is in the deck, because anything can happen in a match. We played great throughout the tournament, including in the finals, but in the end, we weren’t lucky. Of course, congratulations to the Basque Country, but it’s hard to find comfort right now.

Adam Hanga said before the tournament that he was essentially living in a luxury prison in a hotel in Valencia, completely cut off from the outside world. He could only get rid of it now, after the final, and as soon as he could, he headed home.

– I’m going to rest now. I really miss my family. We were together in quarantine for two and a half months, now I haven’t seen my wife and kids in a month, that contrast is too great. I can’t wait to get home. I also want to spend my time at home actively, I don’t stop, the lost final also motivates me to continue the work I started at the highest level and to achieve our goals next season. Life doesn’t stop there because we just got out. I also think that two and a half months ago I would have laughed at the one who was talking about the league final, and I know how much these three weeks have been for Spain. Lots of people have lived and are going through hard times, the fact that we played and finished the tournament can be a sign to them that there is hope and life can return to normal.


The Barcelona men’s basketball team terminated a contract with head coach Svetislav Pešić by mutual agreement. According to a report on the Catalan club’s website, the 70-year-old Serbian professional and management had already agreed before the start of the Spanish league playoffs that the coach would leave the bench. His successor is Šarūnas Jasikevičius from Lithuania, with whom he was awarded a three-year contract by the Garnet Reds.